Selenium WebDriver Basics for Java

Selenium WebDriver Basics

An Overview of Selenium WebDriver for Java | taught by Shawn P. Conlin
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Shawn P. Conlin
Shawn P. Conlin
Sr. QA/Automation Engineer

About the Instructor

Shawn P. Conlin, Senior QA Engineer at JDA Software, has been providing professional software development and testing services since 1995. His development skills cover a wide range of languages and platforms including Java, C#, Selenium, LoadRunner, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, and Lotus Notes/Domino. Prior to focusing his efforts on development and quality assurance, Shawn provided hardware and software technical support on internal and public-facing help desks.

Twitter: @ShawnConlin or @WolvesbaneAcad

From configuring the development environment through identifying elements on the page, this course will instruct students in the essential functionality of Selenium for Java. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • configure their development environment
  • instantiate a WebDriver session using different browsers and browser drivers.
  • understand the functionality of the WebDriver and WebElement classes.
  • use Chrome Developer Tools to identify web page elements and create locators to retrieve those elements using automation.

Course Contents

19 Videos
2 Quizzes
1 Text
2.0 hrs