Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Facebook Group - Get Access to our Test Automation Masters secret group!

    3. Weekly JavaScript Testing Tips

    4. Creating A React App

    5. Running First Test

    6. Creating a CI Pipeline

    7. Add a Link Test

    8. Add Visual Testing

    9. Making an Image Change

    10. Releasing to Azure Static Web Apps

    11. Creating CI for production testing

    12. Finalizing production build for CI

    13. Conclusion

    1. Introduction

    2. Start a Server

    3. Register endpoint

    4. Testing endpoint with Postman and Cypress

    5. Updating Cypress to be robust

    6. Creating Mongo DB

    7. Hiding username and password in env file

    8. Registering our first user

    9. Add positive and negative test case

    10. Making a more robust test

    11. Removing duplication

    12. Add body validation logic

    13. Add creation validation test

    14. Extract validation

    15. Logic to avoid duplicate user creation

    16. Encrypt a password

    17. Add login endpoint

    18. Testing the login endpoint

    19. Add JWT

    20. Add posts endpoint

    21. Let's practice- part 1

    22. Let's practice- part 2

    1. Introduction

    2. Setup

    3. What is an atomic test

    4. Getting started with Cypress

    5. Breaking down tests into atomic tests

    6. Answer to atomic tests exercise

    7. Setting up for testing HTML forms and exploring the application

    8. Improving the existing login tests

    9. HTML Web Forms Answers

    10. Testing JWT

    11. JWT Exercise Answer

    12. Testing a React web app

    13. What are component tests

    14. Running component tests

    15. Adding test IDs to the tests

    16. More component tests

    17. What is visual testing

    18. Creating end to end visual tests with WebDriverIO

    19. visual e2e exercise answer

    20. CICD with a React App

    21. Conclusions

    1. Introduction & Tools

    2. Set Up Environment

    3. E2E Browser Tests

    4. Functional UI Testing With Cypress

    5. CICD With GitHub Actions

    6. Visual End-to-End Testing

    7. Component Testing

    8. Component Tests Exercise

    9. Component Tests Solution

    1. Introduction

    2. Birthday reminder project setup

    3. Static ui created

    4. List component

    5. onClick() implemented

    6. What is our testing strategy_

    7. Installing wdio

    8. Run wdio test

    9. Visual e2e testing

    10. Conclusion

    1. Ultimate QA - Bonus Lecture and Resources

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