Selenium Webdriver - Working with Elements

Selenium WebDriver - Working with Elements Course

Master web element identification, manipulation, and interrogation using Selenium WebDriver | taught by Nikolay Advolodkin
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Nikolay Advolodkin
Nikolay Advolodkin
CEO at Ultimate QA

About the Instructor

Test automation leader and passionate instructor

Nikolay Advolodkin is a seasoned IT Professional, Test Automation Expert, and Quality Assurance Innovator whose dedication to innovation and progress has earned him the reputation as a strategist in the information technology space.

Throughout the span of his technical career, he has not only cultivated extensive experience, he has received extensive acclaim for his continual success. Most recently, he was a contributing author to Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals. He was named one of 33 Test Automation Leaders to follow in 2017 by And according to, he is also the #1 Selenium Webdriver Instructor across the globe, educating 50,000+ students on the ins and outs of test automation from 120+ different countries.

Growing up, Nikolay discovered his passion for computers early on in his life. After successfully hacking a TI-83 calculator in the 8th grade, he knew IT would be a lifelong interest.

Currently, Nikolay proudly serves as the CEO and Test Automation Instructor at UltimateQA ( Furthermore, he is a frequent Contributor at and He was also a Speaker at multiple different conferences.

When he isn’t teaching people how to be automated software testing masters or revolutionizing the test automation world as we know it, Nikolay Advolodkin enjoys exercising, self-development, and travel. He is also an avid entrepreneur with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.


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Are you struggling with working with HTML using Selenium WebDriver? Do you know how to easily identify an element using Selenium WebDrriver? Do you know how to manipulate that web element? Do you know to to perform a drag n' drop on an element? If not, then these are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this course.

This course is a complete guide on working with web elements in Selenium WebDriver! Once you are finished with this course, you will know how to work with any web elements, any time, on any web application.

"Relevant content that I will be able to apply to my automation tests *immediately*, a VERY effective presentation approach (evolving the same example and comparing/contrasting), and an excellent teacher / presenter. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge Nikolay!." -Krissy

What will you learn?

- Basics of HTML

- All the different locator strategies for Selenium WebDriver

- How to identify web elements using Selenium WebDriver

- Master XPath

- Navigation with Selenium WebDriver

- Web element manipulation

- Web element interrogation

- Mouse and keyboard actions with Selenium WebDriver

- Performing actions such as drag n' drop, drawing, hovering

- Implicit and Explicit waits

- How to properly handle element identification so that your tests are not flaky

- Expected Conditions in Selenium WebDriver

Who is the target audience?

  • QA Automation Engineer working with Selenium WebDriver
  • Any individual seeking to learn Selenium WebDriver and how to work with elements
  • Student who wants to drastically improve the stability of their functional test automation


What my students are saying:

"The best tutorials I have ever seen, simply awesome. I take off my hat in front of you, you are an gorgeous professor, I am speechless to express how satisfied I am with these tutorials." -Lisbey

"I've been searching for good Selenium C# videos since December 2014. I've been using the IDE but now it's mandatory that I use webdriver. Just in the past few videos I have been provided with more useful information than I've discovered independently in 23 months. Thank you for creating this series" -Kay

Courses Crafted to Perfection

Every course of mine is crafted with extreme dedication. In fact, my courses are the #1 Selenium Webdriver courses in the world according to See how this course compares to other Selenium courses.

"This course is exhaustive, yet extremely accessible. The teahing is clear, quick, and simple. The content is enough to get you into the industry." -Student

Changing the World:

I donate 5% of all course sales to imagine1day, which is a global movement that is working to provide free education to all children in Ethiopia.

Course Contents

100 Videos
9 Texts
10.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Element Identification with Selenium Webdriver